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8 Years Ago Today: "The Bat Flip" was Born

Remember the days when the Blue Jays would make deep runs into the postseason? The Blue Jays were an exciting team to watch even if some of the games had you at the edge of your seat, especially the one against the Texas Rangers. During game 5 of the divisional series, this was one Blue Jays fans will never forget. After a controversial call when Martin threw the ball back to the pitcher, it hit Choo's bat and deflected towards 3rd base. This is considered a live ball allowing Odor to run home making it 3-2 for Texas. The Blue Jays fan base was going bananas as we all thought this is it, this is how we are going to lose.

Then the 7th inning comes.

I was in the basement watching it with some friends in College. I have never heard the basement get so loud in my life.

A moment that we will cherish for a long time!

Thank you Joey Bats.


Blue Jays Fans across Canada

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